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Costa Rica Central Valley Retirement Tour

Costa Rica’s #1 Retirement Tour

This tour thoroughly educates future retirees and Boomers about all of San Jose’s suburbs such as Escazu, Cariari, Santa Ana, Alajuela and Heredia and the outlying areas that include Grecia, Atenas and San Ramon. A highly-informative two-day seminar that covers all aspects of retirement, living and relocating to Costa Rica rounds out this retirement tour.

This is the PERFECT tour for anyone interested in living in an area with one of the world’s best climates, excellent infrastructure, homes including every imaginable activity to stay busy and happy. Tour participants will only visit the most desirable areas for living in the path of progress.

he Central Valley, or Meseta Central, is the center of Costa Rica due to its geographical location, culture and economic activities. It is surrounded by spectacular towering mountains which make the area reminiscent of like Switzerland and inactive volcanoes such as Poás and Irazú.

The valley lies at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 feet above sea level. Its fertile volcanic soil makes it an ideal place for growing anything, including some of the world’s best coffee. It is not surprising that more than half of Costa Rica’s 4 million people live in this area because of its almost perfect year-round spring-like climate. The capital city of San José is located here as well.

This is the perfect retirement/relocation tours for anyone interested in living in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. This area is blessed by year round spring-like temperatures, excellent infrastructure including major shopping centers and malls, offers every imaginable activity to stay busy and almost all of the amenities of living in the United States.

Tour participants will view the many desirable areas where foreigners live and will have the opportunity to view some of their homes. A recent boom in the construction industry has created a wide variety of affordable new homes from which to choose. Many gated communities have been built in Escazu, Santa Ana, Puriscal, Heredia, Atenas and Grecia areas.

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