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Costa Rica Info articles

16 Things You Might Not Know About Costa Rica

16 Things You Might Not Know About Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – Costa Rica is as well known for its beautiful natural landscape and bustling biodiversity as it is for its wonderful, happy residents. Here are 16 interesting facts about Costa Rica that help make the country a truly singular place. Click to Get Your Free Guide to Shipping & Costa Rica Relocation

The History of the Non-Costa Rican Army

Costa Rica News & History – Since 1948, almost 66 years ago, there has been no armed force or military regime in Costa Rica. The Constitution abolished the army, except in the case of war, in which case the United States has offered their army for assistance. After victory in the civil war that year, the Most

Where to Study Spanish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica  – One of the biggest reason people travel to Costa Rica other that the incredible flora and fauna is to learn Spanish. It is what we like to call language tourism. This could be for college credits or just to expand your knowledge. Because of the diversity of experiences it offers, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Entry Requirements

Costa Rica News – For all of you that traveled to Costa Rica a few years back and looked up the entry requirements to Costa Rica you might want to make sure they are the same as when you came.  The last thing you want is to get in the airport in the USA and be told

Bringing Your Pet to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – When I taught first grade and asked the kids to draw a picture of the PEOPLE in their families many included their pets. I bet you consider your pet a member of your family as well and plan to move them with you when you relocate to Costa Rica. Tweet

On The Costa Rica Buses

Anyone who has taken a long distance bus in Costa Rica will know how cheap they are and relatively comfortable, especially when it comes to riding over those legendary car-killer potholes. Getting to the buses can be a bit daunting. Tweet

Atenas, Costa Rica – Weather Favors Marriage

Living in Costa Rica – When it comes to coming to Costa Rica it can be quite difficult to decide what the perfect area for you live really is.  There are so many factors to take into account when making this decision. Each community is quite unique. Tweet

Costa Rica Safety and Security

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, absolutely noone argues with that! But is it safe? Many people wonder if Costa Rica has the same safety and security risks found in the rest of Latin America. This article will provide insight regarding general travel safety, the security of roads and water, terrorism, and crime. Tweet

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