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The Legends Of Haunted Dyer Lane

The Legends Of Haunted Dyer Lane

Dyer Lane is a real place and also is an urban legend, known by the residents of the Sacramento area. Here are some of the stories of Dyer Lane. These are stories I have gathered from the locals of the area. Like all urban legends, there is some foundation of truth. Here is the breakdown

Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Starchild/Musician Interview

Starchilds are also known as Indigo Children. Indigo children, according to some psychologists are children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. Starchildren are the next stage of human evolution. Starchild name was coined by Nancy Ann Tappe and stories of Starchildren were further explored by legendary paranormal author

Flashlight Lost Love & The Taco Bell UFO

Ghosts & The Supernatural – June 6, 2016: Dwayne Johansen of Monterey was driving down Highway #1 in Big Sur when Dwayne’s younger son spied a bouncing light behind the car. The light got closer and closer to the back of their car and the son alerted his father who was driving and his mother in

Soul Merging: Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars

Ghosts & The Supernatural – Okay, this article is going to seem weird, but I’m going to lay it out to you. It’s about soul merging and I feel I found the best case of soul merging with Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. First off let me tell you about my connection to the Michael Jackson

Ghost Hunting at the Haunted Dexter Manor

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Golden orbs are seen throughout the house and have been known to chase people around. Teresa Williams shared a photo of a demon that was taken at the house. The demon was dark black, had black eyes and seemed hairy and short. Demon Identified: Dexter Manor Demon. The house is 160

2009 Murder & The Victim Ghost

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Imagine in your mind, what the victim went through. The victim, an 18 year old boy is hogtied and bludgeoned to death. The murder is drug related. The murder took place in the back bedroom and surveying the back bedroom, I notice evidence tape, and I see blood still on the

UFO Investigation – Lights in the Sky

Ghosts & The Supernatural – Malik has an unusual story to tell. Malik says that he has seen USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) take off from under the bay into the air. He has seen them morph, where they come together and separate into other UFOs. When USOs take off into the air they become UFOs (Unidentified

Mojave Desert Sand Storm Specter

I have been to the Mojave Desert and cruised around Route 66 one time during my life time with an Army buddy out of Fort Huachuca, Arizona. We didn’t encounter any ghosts, but we enjoyed the thrill of looking at areas that had historical significance. Our travels during this period of time took us from

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