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The Feline Canine Beast and Talk of Suicide Bridge

The Feline Canine Beast and Talk of Suicide Bridge

Ghosts & the Supernatural –  Ronnie Sanders of Del Rey Oaks writes: “Paul, I don’t know if you have ever been to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, but if you have never been there, I suggest that you go. I want to tell you a story or an experience I once had there. I

The Ghosts of Billy the Kid, Jim Morrison and Napoleon

Ghosts & the Supernatural – As a ghost hunter, I have visited many interesting grave sites. Some of the grave sites that I have visited are Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia; Oakland Hell’s Angels; Guyana ‘Peoples’ Temple’ mass grave; John Sutter; Marie LaVeau – Louisiana Creole Voodoo Practitioner; Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in

The Haunted Stevenson Home & Boeger Winery

I have two haunted tales to tell you. The first one is about the haunted Robert Louis Stevenson house in Monterey and the other is about the haunted Boeger Winery in Placerville. Sit tight and be prepared to be scared! Tweet

Haunted Mark Twain’s Cabin

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Before you read this article, please stop at this link and learn about the cabin that Mark Twain stayed at. This is a replica of the actual cabin that Mark Twain stayed at from the Winter of 1864-1865. The cabin belonged to two local miners named the Gillis Brothers. The fireplace

Have You Visited The 10 Most Haunted Places?

Have you been to Elk Grove, and have you visited the haunted places that are in the area? If not perhaps you can visit to have some ghostly interactions. You can see the 10 Most Haunted Places in Elk Grove at this photo slide: Tweet

The Good Servant Orphanage, The Beast of Gevaudan and the Orient Express

Ghosts & the Supernatural – There is a legend in Vallejo, CA that is known as The Good Servant Orphanage. When I learned about this place, I was intrigued. As of 2017, I have now investigated 3 homes that were built on the land that once occupied The Good Servant Orphanage. The 3 homes were extremely

The Night Stalker & The Manson Family

Ghosts & the Supernatural – A home in Stockton where a grisly murder took place. A murder concocted by the Manson Family. Right now, let’s talk about The Night Stalker: Tweet

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