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Daniel Chambers has been living and working in Costa Rica for over 8 years.  After starting out in the real estate industry he had a life changing experience when he went through open heart surgery in Costa Rica.  It opened his eyes to the fact that life is only lived once and to pursue his dreams and enjoy work.

After working at The Costa Rica News as Editor in Chief he then went on to start his own newspaper, The Costa Rican Times.  This has served as the marketing platform for various other businesses in the land of “Pura Vida”

While working at the Costa Rican Times it was his goal to uncover scams and fraud both in Costa Rica and around the world, which made him several online foes.

Daniel Chambers has been working and developing a marketing empire in Costa Rica for about 8 years. 

Daniel graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Management of Information Systems which gave him the basic skills needed for website development, SEO, and content development.  During his time in Costa Rica he has become an expert in all of these areas.

The foundation of his marketing for each of his businesses in Costa Rica has been The Costa Rican Times online newspaper.  He started this from scratch in 2011.  From there it became a part of Google News and has over 4000 readers each day. His main focus is on content marketing as well as filler content which brings readers to the website.  

In addition to the Costa Rican Times, He started a shipping company (http://shippingcostarica.net/), a real estate company (http://4jacorealestate.com/), and several businesses in the tourism sector of Costa Rica.  

He not only captured the leads he took them through the sales cycle to close.  Leads were developed through both content marketing as well as SEO and Adwords campaigns.