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Zoo Ave To Use Donations for Injured toucan to Improve Facilities

Costa Rica News – Grecia the toucan is famous throughout Costa Rica and even in some other countries. He suffered the loss of his beak due to abuse.

grecia the toucan costa rica 1Many generous people felt moved to donate to the cause of getting him a prosthesis.

A total of ¢11 million was raised for this cause and then another great turn of events happened; the company that made the device decided to donate it. It’s cost remains unknown. Still, the zoo thanks all of those who donated to the cause.

The money raised will go to other needs at the zoo, such as a refrigerator for Grecia’s medications, a clinic and veterinary hospital on site, and the future care of Grecia and other animals in need.

The zoo will have to pay for repairs and replacements to the prosthesis as time goes by. The zoo is thankful to all those who have donated for Grecia and for the clinic.

They are now in need of non-financial donations such as incubators and surgical equipment.

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