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Youth Disappears After Raft if Overturned

San Jose, Costa Rica – Young Gamboa Valverde, 23, is missing after a wave of water overturned the boat in which he was rafting.  The incident occurred yesterday at 12:50 pm, in the river Pejibaye  in the canton of Jimenez (Cartago).  Another 14 people, including minors, also practiced the sport along with Gamboa, but all managed to leave the river after the incidente.None of them wanted to give statements.

Carlos Jimenez, deputy director of the Armed Forces of Turrialba, said the victims were traveling in three basins, which are neighbors of Turrialba, Pejibaye, Paraíso y Cachí.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Calderon, of the Red Cross, said eight people were rescued by the river yesterday afternoon, but at the end of this information (7:00 pm), they had not yet found Gamboa .

“Only one patient required transfer to William Allen Hospital, Turrialba, because of an anxiety attack,” he added.

Most people were surprised by the waves of water produced by different projects of Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) in the region.

Danube Morales, ICE paramedic in the area, told the boys to have a day of fun.

However, Morales said that this river is capricious. “There can suddenly appear one or more waves of water, “said Morales.

The rescuer of ICE said it is common for the company to arrange rafting trips on this river.

And of course neither ICE will be held accountable for the death nor will the people that did not want to give statements be forced to speak.


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