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Yellow Cyan and Magenta Coming to Costa Rica’s Teatro Nacional

There are eight members of Yellow Cyan and Magenta who will let their creativity flow and shine at the National Theater this Tuesday, April 7th.

The best of their last two concerts Transcripts and Masquerade will be combined into something new.

The group has a unique gift for taking a living experience and transforming it into instrumental music. The presentation will consist of two parts, starting at noon. If you have seen them before, be on the lookout for new additions, such as the cello, clarinet and horn that have been included in the sound experimentation.

The main songwriter, Glendon Ramirez, explained that the whole idea behind the work is to compose music that they like.

The musical literature ranges from poetry and essays to short stories such as Anancy en Limon, an Afro-Caribbean folk tale and Aunt Panchita, a traditional story.

Tickets for tomorrow’s show cost ¢2,000 and ¢1,000 for students and seniors.


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