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Yachting for Newlyweds off the Coast of Malta

Travel & Leisure – When a man tamed the sea, when a man tamed the sun, the emerald waves favored the captain, the wind drove the white sails ahead and a small boat with a crew and two in love rushed to meet the unknown, and a voice, a quiet but precise voice, whispered in the ear, “Happily ever after.”

The sea is a lullaby at night when you fall asleep, cuddling with each other in a tiny cabin under its rhythmic waltzing pulsations. It is better than any alarm clock, it reminds you in the early morning with the shrill cry of seagulls that it’s time to get up. It is a landmark, a beacon, the main and constant satellite of the regatta.

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Without exaggeration, yachting is a completely different kind of rest and pastime on the water. Making a step from the pier to the boat and staying there for some days, both of you will learn many things. You will learn some terminology and the main knots, you will realize that it is better not to joke with the sea, but if you learn to understand it, you will get a chance to feel an incredible unity and harmony with this force of nature. Being on the regatta, first of all, you will learn how to work and live in a team on a tiny patch of land. Traveling to Malta, you will get incredible emotions, enjoying the best company of your spouse, feeling the sun and the wind on your skin.


If you travel to Malta in May, you will be surprised with wonderful spring weather: open spaces are covered with green carpets with different flowers, the wind, making its way into the hair, leaves a path of the goose bumps on the neck, and the sun gently covers the face with warm kisses.

It’s nice to wake up early in the morning in the home marina and catch the first fishermen, preparing the boats for the next fishing trip. In this regard, it’s good to get up first and open for yourselves unknown pictures of local life, so clearly reflecting the lifestyle of this small island.

Phoenicians, ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Maltese Knights, French, and Englishmen lived in Malta. All of them left many historical monuments of their existence. Therefore, if you decide to travel in Malta, you will find many different interesting places to visit.

Ramla Bay.

If you are going to travel in Malta, try to get to the beach Ramla Bay, the color of which resembles a dense camel mane, and walk along its brick-yellow sand that sometimes gets darken to the ocher because of sudden cold waves, it is possible to feel how your scapula itch because wings start growing through them.

The trip under sail.

You will remember the first trip under sail. Your team will work as a single organism (like your couple should work in the future), where everyone will be assigned a certain role. The wind will drive the white canvas forward, reaching 8-10 knots per hour, the captain will carefully watch every member of the crew, clearly giving commands and holding tightly to the wheel. You will be surprised how fast that huge machine can run on the waves and how deftly it is possible to manage each part of it. Definitely, it’s true that people who are in love with boats and the sea are special. They do not need to talk about that aloud, they hear the sound of waves in their souls and they hear each other from a distance. They are eternal seekers of adventure, eternal seafarers and it does not matter that all parts of the world are already open, they are still in constant pursuit of the unknown, hidden from the common eyes. And even if your first regatta lasts only several days, both of you will hear the sound of waves in your souls. This Malta travel in your honeymoon will become the first unforgettable vacation of your family.

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