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XKnights Event in Costa Rica on March 5th

Costa Rica Entertainment –The countdown to XKnights is on. At night on March 5th the National Stadium is sure to be full because the world’s top three freestyle motocross drivers are going to be showing off their best tricks.

X-Knights-Costa-Rica-2016Clinton Moore, Josh Sheehan, and Thomas Pages in the same arena is something that has worldwide attention.

They are the most attractive names in this tenth consecutive XKnights.

2016 is the first time that the president of RPM TV and creator and organizer of XKnights was able to get the best of the best from the Red Bull X-Fighters season finale together. They often have family commitments in the first few months of each year.

All three started the sport as teenagers. At age 15, Moore did his first backflip. In 2008,

Pages amazed the world with his impressive style including pivot turns.

Sheehan won national tournaments in his very first year riding.

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