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XKnights Event Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – XKnights is a an x-games type motocross competition and it is going to be held this year in Costa Rica’s National Stadium.

XKnights motocross 1It’s the first time the event is being held in Costa Rica. Manrique Mata, from RPM TV, made the announcement regarding the world renowned event.

The big day is going to be March 5th, a date when Saprissa will be otherwise occupied and the stadium can be transformed. This location will benefit the spectators by offering various priced tickets from 19,000 to 37,000 colones. The stadium can also hold many more spectators than the previous location did.

The drivers are going to be able to do more daring tricks with the extra space. They used to have just 75 feet between the ramp and the exit but this year they will have 100 feet.

Clinton Moore and Thomas Pages are first and second in the world ranking and it’s going to be a close competition. Moore plans to do a backflip of 360 degrees twice in the same jump. Pages plants a full front flip.

Other big names involved include Josh Sheehan, Taka Higashino and Danny Pajarito Torres.

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