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X-Knights Freestyle Motocross Returns to CR

Costa Rica News & Events – The X knights returned to Costa Rica. Dany Torres Pilots and Tom Pagés  were the favorites to take the crown at the 2014 edition of X-Knights held on the 15th of February at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa. 

x-knights costa rica 2014 1However, for the first time ever in the X-Knights’ history, there was no winner. On Saturday, the drivers decided, unanimously, that the competition would be changed to an exhibition only.

The reason behind the change was extremely strong winds that were present. The very strong wind warning lights were lit on the track. Everyone feared the risk. Some of the fans were disappointed that the spirit of competition was missing from the event, but everyone understood that the drivers’ lives were at stake.

The presentation began and the first round was the test of the weather conditions. In two groups, the drivers took two minutes to perform their tricks. Spanish rider Maikel Melero’s freestyle tricks were so impressive that the audience gave a standing ovation.

Chilean rider Javier Villegas explained that “The risks we take are not for first place, not for a trophy. They are for all of you.”

The audience and drivers alike were wonderful at the competition turned into an exhibition.

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