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Would You Pay Over $30,000 A Night For a Hotel in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Travel – Would you believe that Costa Rica has such high end hospitality options that it could cost up to $30,135 a night! That’s at the Four Seasons in Guanacaste, in the largest rental option.

That’s the most extreme example but there are many here that are considered luxurious. They have spacious bedrooms, king sized beds, high speed internet, breathtaking panoramic views, private pools and all inclusive food and beverage menus.

They offer personalized service to guests.

The Westin is one of the options that always suggests an all-inclusive luxury accommodation to their guests so they have a really refreshing experience without any worries of additional costs.

Some international guests seek premium accommodations no matter the cost.

Here they have 32 options of five star hotels with elegant facilities, state-of-the-art technology and high-level services that will leave the customer 100% satisfied.

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