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Would You Like to Be a Volunteer Costa Rica Police Officer?

Costa Rica News – Transit authorities are asking for a hand. Specifically, they are looking for volunteers to work as Traffic Police without pay. So far, about 80 applications have been received, and 30-40 of them will be selected.

Eventually, 70 volunteers will be trained to perform the function.

There is a lack of of officers monitoring the roads. This is why the Traffic Police have opened the call for interested parties to become ad honorem inspectors. This will not compensate for the outstanding need of 1,100 full-time staff, as they will work just about 3 hours a week.

This alternative is rare but it is allowed by the law. Those wanting to serve their Homeland are a welcomed resource especially because there are no resources to hire the needed additional police.

The volunteer services are especially needed at school exits, mass events, during peak times and when traffic lights fail. The volunteers will have all the powers that a Traffic Officer has but must always work in the company of an official on the payroll.

There are 763 active officers regulating 1.4 million vehicles in the country.

Volunteers must be Costa Rican, high school graduates, over age 25, have income and a type B driver license and undergo training and a psychological examination.

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