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Would You Like A 3D Costa Rican Harlequin Frog?

Costa Rica News – The laboratory of the UNED has made a 3D harlequin frog in order to better understand the behavior of the species.

They will incorporate a speaker with sounds as well as mobility to the prototype.

The frog is known for its beautiful colors. It had thought to be extinct since 1996 but a population of about 200 individuals was then found in San Vito in 2008. This showed the need to align conservation projects with laboratory work.

The measurements of the frog are made to be exactly like those in the wild. The species has been studied for many hours of observation to know a lot about their movement and behavior.

Next, the scientists want to use the prototype in the field. They hope that real frogs will recognize the printed one as a real individual.

This will be helped by the fact that they will make it able to sing songs and move its hind legs.

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