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Woof, Woof! Costa Rica Art Exhibit is For the Dogs

Costa Rica News & Entertainment – Artists have long tried to convey the human experience. Willy Flores, a Honduran artist, went about this enormous task in a new way, by painting dogs. The pets embody the feelings and emotions we experience over the course of the day.

willy flores dog art costa rica 1His work is being displayed in the National Gallery until February 28th. There are a total of nine paintings in mixed media. The common theme is the dogs as spokesmen for the human condition. Their looks and postures convey attitudes and situations that humans know all too well.

Other elements found throughout the works include circus elements like tents, balloons, and carousels. “I use the circus as a metaphor for life itself is a great show where our roles are reversed: we are protagonists and sometimes others spectators,” explained the artist.

He keeps the dogs isolated from the other elements, a condition he creates to allow us to find ourselves in his work. It also symbolizes that moving away from distractions makes it easier to reflect. Another theme this separation speaks to is that humans have become gradually removed from nature and values, replacing them with artificial pleasures.

The colors he chose create a sober nostalgia that makes us feel the animals want to communicate. “Dogs have a special meaning for me because since childhood I have been surrounded by them,” said Flores.


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