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Woman Says She Is Not Coming Back From Costa Rica, Even Though Her Family Wants Her To

Costa Rica News – Sometimes the Pura Vida lifestyle makes it so you do not want to come home.

A Corner Brook woman whose family has been pleading for her return from what they call a “cult” in Costa Rica says she won’t be coming back to Newfoundland.

Kayla Jean Reid, 21, took to Facebook over the weekend to address concerns from her mother, who reported her missing in February.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary last week closed the missing person file, after making contact with Reid.

Reid, who on Facebook calls herself Sun Ray, used a Facebook Live video stream on Saturday to respond to her mother’s interview with CBC’s Corner Brook Morning Show.

In the video, which has since been deleted, Reid refers to her hometown as “Babylon,” addresses herself in the third person as “the one,” and calls her biological family “demons,” saying the group she is living with in Costa Rica is her new family.

She also said in the video that “mother” provides for her —food, shelter and even a bus — referring, perhaps, to mother nature.

Reid said she’s living an all-natural lifestyle, and is in the process of healing herself of toxins ingested while she lived in Corner Brook. She also said she will no longer age, once she’s healed.

When asked in the comments of the video if family members could come visit her in Costa Rica, Reid said no.

Her family first spotted Reid in a video posted by Eligio Bishop, also known as Natureboy, on March 3.

Mother Tammy Reid said her daughter has a history of mental illness, and that she is worried Bishop/Natureboy lured her to Costa Rica and has brainwashed her.

By Stephanie Tobin, CBC News

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