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Woman Escapes Bank Robbery in Bandits’ Getaway Car

Houston, Texas – A Houston woman who was caught in the middle of a bank robbery said she was so scared, she ran and jumped into the nearest car she could find and took off. But it just so happened, the car belonged to the suspects.

Blanca, a mother of four, said it happened while she was cashing a check at a Chase bank on I-10 east at Uvalde. All of a sudden, the masked, armed suspects stormed the building, and she split.

“I was just thinking, ‘Just get out now and just duck, ‘cause they are going to shoot you,’” Blanca said. “And it was just going through my mind – ‘my children, my children.’”

Blanca said she didn’t have much time to think, but she wasn’t staying around for whatever the suspects had planned.

“I went the other way like this and I just ran, and I kind of just ducked down and I pushed the first door and I threw a lady out of the way,” she said. “The first car I saw, I jumped in.”

She said the car was on, so she floored it, desperate to escape.

She said she drove a few miles from the bank, pulled into a parking lot, fell out of the car and ran into a Cricket store, screaming for help.

But what she didn’t know was, she’d just stolen the suspects’ getaway car – which police said the suspects had stolen from someone else.

“Then, they arrested me, and they said, ‘You’re the one that stole a stolen car.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, it was their car,’” Blanca said.

The FBI eventually cleared Blanca and said she was just a witness.

The robbers ended up getting away, but police said they had to carjack someone to do it. Fortunately, that driver wasn’t hurt – and neither was Blanca.

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