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With Gas at More than $5 a Gallon Many are Unhappy With Recope in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – It seems that I am not the only one that is unhappy each and every time I go to fill up my vehicle.

recope costa ricaFor years, groups of a few dozen people have gathered to protest Recope, the Costa Rican Oil Refinery.

It wasn’t until yesterday that the group of protesters had numbers in the hundreds.

They marched, filling four streets, towards the Plaza de la Democracia. The March began at 10am.

There is now widespread disgust and disapproval of Recope after it was discovered that it increased fuel costs to pay its collective agreement with employees, something that has no relation to the public service of fuel distribution it provides.

Will this have any effect on Recope’s business practices…….probably not.  That is what is great about being a monopoly.

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