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Will Uber Have Competitors in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Uber welcomes the arrival of new applications that will compete against it, saying this allows the technology to advance and generate better services.

Uber believes it will remain competitive with new strategies of self-employment and mobility.

Uber’s 13,000 members serve 500,000 users.

All of the competition seems to be delayed, however, due to redefinition of strategy, changes in operations, being unsure, or needing more time to register more drivers.

All these drivers for Uber and other companies could face fines because the services are not legal.

Cabify is one company that announced it would initiate operations in the country but it has not yet set the date, saying it will first focus on countries where it has a presence. Another is the local Obnis, which proved unable to meet the demand.

Rides and Nova are coming soon to Costa Rica. Rides was set to start on March 15th but has postponed due to recent attacks on Uber drivers. Nova has 1,000 drivers ready to start in the second half of the year.

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