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Will the Zeta Gas Divorce Cause More Problems in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Who will take control of Zeta Gas is still up in the air. A divorce of the owners has already led to one supply crisis that lasted 17 days in April and May.

zeta gas divorce costa ricaWe may be on the brink of another.

Lopez has on her side Noel Bustillos, the general manager of Zeta Gas for 18 years and the general attorney for the company. Miguel Monge, on the side of Zaragoza, was granted representation of the company by a court order.

Bustillos was evicted from office following the court date but this was a mistake, according to the Ministry of Security. No changes in the legal structure of a business should occur until the divorce is final and all the properties split up.

Still, Monge refuses to leave office.

There is a family court as well as a general court handling the case, complicating the validity of any resolution.

The case will go to a higher level court and many decisions may be overturned.

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