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Will the Taxi Protests Against Uber Continue in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – There was conflict on August 9th as protesters flooded the streets of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) to fight against the use of Uber in Costa Rica.

uber taxi protests costa rica 1The National Taxi Drivers Forum leader, Gilbert Ureña, and the Union of Costa Rican Taxi Drivers (UTC) director, Ruben Vargas, are divided regarding how to address the situation.

Vargas states it “will be war” and Ureña shows no interest in street bound demonstrations and prefers to take frustration out in the courts.

While members of both parties were in participation of the street protests on August 9th, it is estimated 70% of the 5,000 protesters were members of the UTC.

After the event, 119 fines were issued as well as the seizure of 33 vehicles.

Out of the 5,000 participants, 1 driver was arrested for obstructing and assaulting police authority.

In response to the August 9th protests, Ureña denied being affiliated with Vargas’ group, stating that what happened “it is not acceptable” and that there should be discussion about the legality of Uber in the country.

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