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Will the San Jose Traffic Jam End Soon?

Costa Rica News – For those of you driving to and from San Jose lately it has been quite the nightmare, ever more than before.  The startup of two new routes and works to replace the Tibas Bailey Bridges will be delayed. This is on the road known as Circunvalacion, that connects Escazu, San Sebastian, Alajuelita, Hatillo, and Guadalupe in a giant circle.

Circunvalacion costa rica trafficThe Public Transport Council (CTP) planned for this route to be fully operational by March, but is now conducting studies about the routes, traffic, and road conditions. The study could delay the start to the end of the month.

The “vehicular landscape” has changed quite a bit since the last study, which was done in 2008. The experts are seeking to create some bus routes that will allow for quicker travel.

81,000 vehicles pass this area daily. The two new routes will join the first three interline routes that connect Escazu, La Uruca, Guadalupe, and Moravia. According to Alex Alvarez, manager of the buses in Moravia, explained that for public transport to be effective, dedicated lanes must be available for buses only.

Last week, the National Roads Authority hired a crew to disarm one of the bridges that is causing traffic that makes people have to leave home 20 minutes earlier than they should have to. If a bus only lane is made, the whole circular trip should take under an hour.

 Plan on having the same problems for a while as we all know how long it takes MOPT and CONAVI to get anything done.

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