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Will the New Airport in Orotina Become a Reality?

Costa Rica News – We keep hearing about new airports in Costa Rica but will any of these new international airports become a reality? From the looks of it we are looking for a bit of a delay even if they do start construction.

sjo costa rica airport 1The Chamber of Tourism met with President Luis Guillermo Solis to request a new airport, perhaps in Atenas. Another proposal was to make an international airport in Orotina.

Costa Rica’s Tourism Minister Wilhelm von Breymann expressed that the government understands the importance of tourism, being that visitors contribute $2.6 billion a year to the country, however, he has ruled out the idea of a new airport in the country.

He based this on the fact that Juan Santamaria already has sufficient capacity and is being expanded.

He also stated that opening a new airport requires a lot of time to carry out wind studies and that he sees Liberia’s Daniel Oduber Airport as a greater priority because there is an urgent need to be able to handle emergencies in San Jose.

When the Turrialba Volcano erupted and the San Jose Airport was closed it would have been great if there had been enough room for arriving flights and departures in Oduber. Instead, many people were stranded.



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