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Will the Chikungunya Virus Hit Costa Rica? Symptoms & Treatment

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is happy that Dengue Fever seems to be more under control this year, after hitting a peak last year. However just as this mosquito carried virus seems to be fading, a new threat has arrived: the Chikungunya Virus.

Chikungunya VirusLuckily, this virus doesn’t have a high mortality rate, but, unfortunately, it does cause many symptoms. The virus, which originated in the Caribbean, has already made its way to the nearby countries of El Salvador and Honduras.

Costa Rica is ready to treat the symptoms but lacks the ability to test for the disease. People are being taught about how to prevent breeding sites for mosquitoes, for instance, empty anything that collects water.

No official alert has been made yet, but doctors and scientists assume the virus is on its way here. The virus affects joints, primarily, and can cause chronic arthritis in victims for months. If you experience headache, rash, and severe joint pain, head to the hospital. If you don’t, symptoms can turn more violent, including diarrhea and vomiting.

All symptoms should cease within 1-3 weeks, after drinking lots of water and staying in bed. Pain medication can be prescribed.


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