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Will Solar Power Become a Reality in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – In February, ICE chose to shut down the pilot plan for generating electricity via solar panels. Many objected to this, because there is large support for greener energy sources in Costa Rica.

solar-energy costa ricaMany homes wish to have their solar panels reactivated to generate electricity for the whole home and more.

Now the idea is being reanalyzed and hopefully will come to fruition.

MINAE, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, is considering a proposal that would increase the participation of private companies involved in the solar power generation process.

By raising the percentage of private companies, we could ensure the power supply would be sufficient.

The idea would not be to increase the number of homes and businesses with solar panels rather to boost the generation in the same buildings that now have them.

After a year of negotiations, within a month the government will announce its new National Energy Policy.

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