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Will Pope Francis Come Visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Will Pope Francis be taking a trip to Costa Rica anytime soon?

pope francis costa ricaPope Francis met in a private audience here Friday with Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis, who invited the pontiff to visit the Central American country.

“If it’s possible,” the pope responded.

Solis arrived almost 20 minutes late for the audience, a delay officials said was due to a misunderstanding between the Vatican and the Costa Rican delegation about the time of the audience.

As is customary, the pope received the visiting head of state in the Sala del Tronetto, next to his private library.

Solis was accompanied by Costa Rica’s foreign minister, Manuel Gonzalez Sanz, and foreign trade minister, Alexander Mora.

Also with the Costa Rican president were his companion Mercedes Peña; their 9-year-old daughter, Ines; and Monica, a daughter of Solis’ from his first marriage.

In the traditional exchange of gifts, Solis gave Francis an armadillo sculpture made from a jicaro (green tree fruit) gourd.

The Costa Rican president also presented the pope with wood engravings representing peasant life in the forest, animals such as toucans and squirrels and plantain or banana trees.

Pope Francis gave Solis a bronze medallion depicting two linked olive branches, telling the president “this is what those of us with the responsibility of governing must do: unite.” EFE

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