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Will New Regional Airlines Offer Cheaper Flights to Central America?

Costa Rica Travel News – Sometimes more flights does not mean cheaper flights right away but with competition fares will drop. 

costa rica flightsNew regional airlines are going to compete for Central American business in the second half of 2015. Air Panama will have its first flight on July 1st while Air Costa Rica is at stage four in the permitting and licensing process. In two months it will be complete.

Both new airlines will offer rates a bit cheaper than traditional rates. Still, they will not be considered low cost. Air Costa Rica plans to open routes to Panama, Guatemala, Managua and Miami.

They have competition such as Copa and Avianca. Copa already offers 15 flights a day from Costa Rica to other parts of Central America, nine of which are to Panama and the rest to Managua, Guatemala and Honduras.

It will soon offer a direct flight from Panama to New Orleans.

Air Costa Rica may not be able to offer quite as many quick connections as Copa right away but it will make up for it by offering additional on board services, such as hot food and an open bar, and the warmth of Costa Rica.

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