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Will Medical Marijuana Become Legal in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – A PAC party deputy presented the case of a child and a man who have had success from using cannabis oil for medical concerns.

The Congress looked at the study, which is aimed at promoting the legalization of the component, on Tuesday.

A nine-year-old boy uses CBD, a component extracted from cannabis. He suffers from refractory epilepsy caused by Dravet’s syndrome.

This made him sleep 20 hours a day and take 124 psychotropic drugs. Now, with cannabis, he has just 30 medicines a day and has stopped having seizures, which he used to have 100 times per day.

A 40-year-old man who used to be a pilot but now needs to be mobilized in a wheelchair says that although he is sick he is grateful to be able to investigate medical marijuana for himself.

Soon the initiative to legalize medicinal cannabis will receive a vote from the Committee on Legal Affairs and then go to discussion in the legislative plenary.

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