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Will Law Be Passed to Punish Animal Abuse in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Recently in Costa Rica there have been multiple instances of animal abuse which have gone unpunished.  A toucan will need to remain in captivity do to youths attacking it until its beak was severed.

animal abuse costa ricaIn the Osa Peninsula over the past few days 2 Scarlet Macaws were found dead and again youth in the area are the suspected killers.

In both of these cases investigations are being performed but to what avail?

Even if the culprits are found, there is no law to punish them.

That’s right in “Green” Costa Rica that promotes how environmentally friendly they are, there is no law against animal abuse.

Over the weekend there was even a protest called the “Protesta de la Muerte” (Protest of Death) from the Costa Rican public requesting that a bill is passed to combat these instances and try to ensure that they no longer happen. 

There is already a bill in the Costa Rican congress calling for 1 to 3 years in prison for those found guilty of animal abuse.

Passing the bill is a step in the right direction but we are still basing the punishing of those found guilty of this crime by a flawed Costa Rican legal system.  

Let’s only hope that Costa Rica can put actions behind its words and make the needed changes in environmental protection.

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