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Will Jairo Mora’s Death Bring Change? Nope

Costa Rica News – The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) has at least tried to do their job when it comes to the apprehension of the suspects involved with the murder of Jairo Mora Sandoval a local environmentalist.  Now it is time to show to the world the faults in the Costa Rican legal system.

jairo mora sandoval newsThe Limon Criminal Court imposed six months of preventive detention for the six suspects in the murder of environmentalist Jairo Mora in Moin that occurred on May 31st of this year.

The subject of surnames Salmón, Delgado, Cash, Aráuz, Quesada y Centeno were arrested during six raids by agents of the OIJ.

Detainees in surnames Salmon, Cash and Quesada are linked to other crimes that occurred on May 18th near Moin. They reportedly stole belongings of several people and raped a woman.

The wife of Mr. Salmon must sign every 15 days, keep fixed address and must not interfere or speak with witnesses or victims. The other woman that was detained was already released. Both are still under investigation.

In the raids the agents confiscated 15 stolen cell phones, a 12 gauge homemade shotgun, a scope, and camouflaged clothing and jackets that were described by witnesses. Police also found documents, radios and other goods that were apparently stolen.

All of these things are great and give the prosecution evidence for the future trial……but for now they are only being detained for 6 months.  Is the Costa Rican government really stupid enough to think that this will all be forgotten in 6 months when these criminals get off with a slap on the wrist?

This trial will drag on for months, will focus on the suspects being common thieves and that this was a robbery that went wrong.  After the trial the suspects will get at max 2 to 3 years in prison and then will carry on business as usual.  With the sentence of these criminals Costa Rica and Laura Chinchilla will have sealed her legacy. she will be the President of Costa Rica that allowed drug cartels to set up shop in Costa Rica and understand they are allowed to do whatever they want.

Quick question did you happen to forget that an innocent person was killed?

Did you happen to forget that conservation groups and volunteers are now scared to come to your country?

Did you happen to forget that the eyes of the world are on you and will remain on you until you provide justice for the death of Jairo?

Lady Laura you need to push this trial in front of a judge and have a quick solution. Justice is wanted for this killing of one of your own citizens.

The spotlight is on you so how will you be remembered? The woman that allowed cartels to begin rule your country and allowed china to buy your country’s soul or the woman that tried to do some good at the end of your reign?

The option is yours, it is never too late to make a difference……

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