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Will Increased Traffic Surveillance Stop the Crazy Costa Rica Driving?

Costa Rica News – For many of us that have been living and driving in Costa Rica, obeying the traffic laws seems to be optional to most people as getting caught driving like an idiot is not punished very often due to the lack to traffic police in the country.

traffic police costa rica costa rica driving 182 municipal police officers across the country have enrolled in a program to train and authorize local police to function as traffic cops. There are still 67 cantons without this program.

The purpose is to increase traffic surveillance beyond what the small traffic police force can do alone. This should increase the quality of driving conditions in the cities. In Cartago and Heredia we already see the program working, as there is improved safety and less congestion.

Violations of traffic law lead to injuries, death, air pollution, noise pollution, traffic and frustration. Knowing that there are more officers giving out tickets should decrease the chaos and disrespect for the law.

The police that will help the 743 traffic police will greatly help the situation.

Additionally, the law has provisions stating that 40% of the fines collected will go to the municipalities and 60% will go to Cosevi, the Road Safety Council.

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