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Will Heredia Motor Vehicle Traffic Decrease?

Costa Rica News – Have you ever taken the exit through Uruca to get to Heredia? I have had the joy of sitting in the line for a couple of hours while passing the Pozuela cookie factory then passing Paseo de Los Flores and continuing into Heredia centro……not fun.  

heredia traffic costa ricaThe only time there does not seem to be traffic there is after 9 pm a night (unless Heredia has won a soccer championship) and before about 6 am.It seems that might soon change. Well soon according to”Tico Time”.

Conavi is planning on building an alternate route from the Pozuelo factory in La Uruca to the Gardens of Remembrance in Heredia by 2016.

The works will include widening the lanes, the sidewalks and adding bus stops.

The design phase should start in mid-November and lat about 6 months.  This will be followed by a planned 11 months for the construction phase.

The good news is this $8.6 million contract was given to a company from Spain so there is a chance that it might be completed on time and well.

Although a better driving future might be on the horizon in Heredia, but expect it to get worse before it gets better during the construction phase.

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