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Will Costa Rica’s First Gay Marriage Stand?

Costa Rica News – A loophole was found in a bill that flew through the Costa Rican legislature that would possible allow gay marriages in Costa Rica.  It seems that the first gay couple i ready to test those waters and see if the union will stand up legally in court.

gay marriage in costa rica 1The first gay marriage in Costa Rica could take place in about two weeks, said the president of the Diversity Movement, Marco Castillo, who is in charge of the cases of couples who want to try to enforce the right as allowd by the Ley de la Persona Joven. Castillo  is in charge of three similar cases in Desamparados court, where they are being reviewed and might be resolved in the next 2 weeks

The lawyer believes that they might have a positive result being that no problems have arrived as of yet.

However, the Constitutional Court issued a verdict in response to a query made by a judge in Heredia regarding the application of the Ley de la Persona Joven, which acknowledges the social and economic effects of unions.

“The Diversity Movement is very satisfied with the Court´s verdict, since it implies that there is no constitutional conflict, but it is a matter of legality. As such, it is the judge who must resolve how to apply the law, and since the law must be applied, the requests being processed in Heredia might be acknowledged as legitimate “, Castillo said.

All this being said expect a commotion to be made from people like Justo Orozco, who has said that being gay i a curable disease.  Funny coming from a guy that is being investigated for using his notary license unlawfully.  but I guess laws do not apply to those that are a part of the elite Costa Rican elected.

My thought…….why not let gay unions happen. Does it really matter? Do not give me the crap that the Bible says it is a sin…….then let God sort it out when everyone dies and move on. It does not effect you or your life, let it go.

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