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Will Costa Rica’s Electric Light Rail Train Become Reality?

Costa Rica News – There is a bill that’s been in the Costa Rican Legislature since 2011. It regards giving 5% of the fuel tax to the Costa Rican Institute of Railways (Incofer) to create an intercity electric train.

incofer costa ricaThe initiative would provide Incofer with ¢21.000 billion a year as well as finance 50% of the assets.

The goal is to build 100 kilometers of railways for an electric train that goes as far as Alajuela. The total cost is around $600 million.

There are differences of opinion among the lawmakers which is delaying the process.

One issue is that aside from making the railways, the municipalities too would need financial help to maintain them.

However they decide to fund the project, whether through tax or private funding, what everyone agrees on is the importance of strengthening the Incofer and getting more people on trains and out of car/bus traffic.

The way to fund the construction is in place, but the question always remains what happens after it is built.

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