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Will Costa Rica’s Animal Welfare Act Pass?

Costa Rica News -A new bill, the Animal Welfare Act, is being discussed for final processing.

animal welfare costa rica 1New text includes that those who do not collect the fecal waste dumped on sidewalks, streets, beaches or in parks or public gardens will be fined two base salaries.

Pet owners who do not guarantee appropriate living and hygienic conditions will also be fined. Those who breed animals to fight will also be fined, and possibly imprisoned. Abused animals will be seized.

Other forms of abuse that are punishable by this law are improperly slaughtering animals for consumption, capturing wild animals, and sexual acts between humans and animals.

If mistreatment leads to the death of an animal the person responsible will be jailed for three years. The way to eliminate animal abuse is to put sanctions and criminalize the behaviors.

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