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Will Costa Rica Plan Save the Tourism Sector?

Costa Rica News – The tourism sector in Costa Rica is in need of saving. A special commission of tourism has a new plan to meet that goal.

costa rica tourism 1It takes into consideration suggestions from the government.

They have the intention of reaching some sort of agreement to allow rapid help to 100 tourist companies that fall in the category of small and medium enterprises and have debts.

Many of these companies still have debts owed from the economic crisis of 2008. Still in negotiation is the limit of amounts of debt that can be renegotiated.

Another aspect is providing a percentage of the funds to the ICT in order to promote tourism.

The new text in negotiation would provide $10 million in funding from SBD and lower the amount originally meant for the ICT. T

he limit may be set at around 33% of the amount payable with a maximum of $175,000.

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