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Will Costa Rica Be Added to the World’s Money Laundering Gray List?

Costa Rica News – It is surprising to me that Costa Rica has not already been added to this with the sportsbooks and scammers working in the country. 

costa rica money laundering1There are 12 countries worldwide listed as being hazardous or non-cooperative against terrorist financing and in regards to regulating transactions of vulnerable activities like real estate, casinos and advocacy.

These countries are Afghanistan, Bosnia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Burma, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu and Yemen. Costa Rica is about to become number 13 on this gray list.

This gray list of nations that do not cooperate in the global fight against money laundering and terrorist funding is a group with a bad reputation that Costa Rica wants no part of.

In order to avoid being put on the list, which would make the financial system and foreign trade suffer, some recommendations must be followed. These include making terrorist financing a crime with up to 15 year in prison, regulating vulnerable activities that are often funded with dirty money, and following through on a bill to fight tax fraud.

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