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Will Costa Rica Be Able to Maintain It’s “Green” Image?

Costa Rica News – Although there are independent groups and organizations making efforts to conserve the beauty of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica……is it a loosing battle?

costa rica pollution conservation 1Costa Rica was internationally recognized in the ‘90s for having half its territory covered in forests and for its well planned system of protected areas. Since then, however, not much environmental progress has been made.

Some factors working against Costa Rica include a high dependence on hydrocarbons and the mismanagement of wastewater. With the wastewater flowing into the rivers and then into the waters on both sides of Costa Rica, something needs to be done today.

This problem should reach the political agenda because in a report done in 2013, Costa Rica found out that Tico’s require 8% more resources than the land can sustain.

The number of vehicles in Costa Rica increased by over a million in just 33 years leading to more land turned into roads and of course higher emissions.

Additionally, the human population has grown, resulting in less land available for production.

Conservation efforts positively contribute to the gross domestic product especially when it comes to tourism.

Although there are problems, Costa Rica has made an effort to maintain its treasured system of protected lands but more needs to be done.

A wastewater treatment plant needs to be in place yesterday. A solution for the overflowing landfills needs to be thought of implemented in the next 2 years or there is going to be a serious trash problem.  A functioning countrywide recycling program needs to also come into fruition.

All of these programs and infrastructure tie together and are absolutely necessary if Costa Rica wants to move out of the 3rd world country status and protect its most important asset……its environment.

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