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Will A New ATV License Law Hinder Off-Road Tours?

Costa Rica News – Canatur is very clear about on which side of the debate to be.

They are all for allowing the handling of motorcycles and ATVs by those with a B1 license, that is the license for a normal size car.

The traffic law currently allows it but changes to this law are being considered.

Many in the government believe that the law should be changed, insisting that the initiative to modify it is for the objective of improving road safety and saving lives.

On one hand, changing the law would severely hinder many tour companies that rent out ATVs to tourists to travel on mountain roads.

On the other hand, most accidents that occur in Costa Rica (80%) involve motorcycles so there is something to be said for the lack of training needed to ride one. No one has to do a driving test to ensure he knows how to operate a motorcycle.

A second debate and the final vote will be held soon.

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