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Why to Not Move Back From Costa Rica (Audio)

Costa Rica News – (April 28th Radio Show) – Overseas Radio Has Teamed up With The Costa Rican Times to provide multiple modes of information sharing for local and foreign expats in order to get Costa Rica news and knowledge to listeners.

This Week in Costa Rica will feature each week a news portion in which Dan and Rico (qCostaRica) will talk about the happenings in and around the land of “Pura Vida”. With over 30 years going home from costa rica 1of living in Costa Rica between the two it give a unique insight into life in CR.

Rico from QCostaRica joins us to address various topics going on in and around Costa Rica:

1. Volcanoes & Closing Costa Rica Airports
2. Excessive Noise From Vehicles in Costa Rica
3. Finding the Pura Vida Princess
4. Bringing Back the Corporate Tax in Costa Rica

This is followed by Dan and Rico talking about reasons why we live in Costa Rica and what keeps us from going back to our home countries. 

Finally we have our Property of the Week, 4 story ocean view house with architecture based on an airplane.

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