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Why Retire in Costa Rica?

Are you looking for a place to retire to then you should check out Costa Rica.

As of 2010 there is an estimated 50,000 U.S. expatriates currently staying in this tropical paradise, and here are several reasons why following suit and staying in beautiful Costa Rica would be an excellent decision.

Costa Rica’s natural wonders include a rich flora and fauna, and Corvocado National Park is renowned worldwide for its wide variety of wildlife it houses.

Costa Rica also has stunning beach towns along the Golden Coasts.

An estimated income of $2000 monthly or less is more than enough to live a comfortable life. Health Care is also top-notch in this wonderful Central American country.

If you are worried about violent crimes then worry no more, since it is virtually non-existent in Costa Rica.

The predominant language is Spanish but many locals can understand and speak English so communications barriers are fairly easy to overcome.

Costa Rica also boasts year-round perfect climate, with temperatures averaging on 27 all year round, whether is the rainy or dry season.

All these and more shows that Costa Rica is an excellent place to stay in whether you plan on going on a vacation or settling in this tropical haven.

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  1. gordon said:

    “If you are worried about violent crimes then worry no more, since it is virtually non-existent in Costa Rica”.. I live here 7 yrs and off and on since 1990. This statement is a lie. Everyone here knows you have to watch your car, houses with guards or razor wire. Ex pats who never make it home at night for a restaurant on the beach.

    Hostile government workers takes maybe 2 years in getting your residency legally. Expensive cars twice of the USA. Value added taxes on certain food of 13%. Rental agreements with 15% increase after first year. $2,000 does not go very far here. Golf anyone figure $60.00 some places more. Roads a nightmare and tricky driving around. Little respect for drivers here. Lawyers are crooks and liers. Ticos as a rule lie because they want to be nice to you so they make up a story.

    Come here spend 6 months check it out real well then make your decision. Costa Rica .. Okay I am soured on the culture here is not for faint of heart. good luck

  2. Don said:

    I could not agree more. After 12 years in CR, it seems everyone is a cheat and/or liar or some sort including for the most insignificant of justifications. I get as recommend from a “trusted” friend (hotel owner) and “her husband” the attorney robs my bank account and attempts to mortgage my property (without my knowledge) and there are the little things like her nephew sneaking into my room while I am sleeping and rifling my mother’s purse. I was just dozing and when I caught him and complained to my friend the hotel owner, she shrugged it off as a non-issue. These are some people with twisted values, and this is a good family…

    • gordon said:

      Don, I hope you moved out immediately. I never give anyone explanation why I moved or why I will not talk to them . They lie, cheat, dishonest just once. I am gone ignore if i see them again whatever. IF you make the mistake trying to reason with them you have lost .They will twist it and it is NEVER their fault. Once they know nothing more they can get from you there not interested in you as well. This isd for Gringos and Tico and all.

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