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Why I Came to Costa Rica – Kerry La

We at The Costa Rican Times want to give some of our writers stories of why they came to Costa Rica and their experiences in the land of “Pura Vida”.  

living in costa ricaIcebreaker questions- We are all familiar with them. Where are you from? What’s your favorite color? What’s your second favorite restaurant? The question I am asked the most often when meeting someone is “What made you come to Costa?”

Since I was a kid I have been interested in learning about other cultures. A number of years back I was invited to visit Costa Rica with a friend. His cousin took us all over, introducing us to her family and the beauty of Costa Rica’s diverse nature. The beaches and jungles were enchanting. Everyone I met was so hospitable. They offered that I could come back at any time if I needed a place to stay or a meal. I was so taken back by this, as it’s the opposite of what I was used to in NY. Since that first visit I knew I wanted to live here at some point!

I made one more visit to check out a Spanish language school for a week. The school made me think it would be easy to learn Spanish. They also offered complimentary classes of dance and cooking. They matched me with a host family for the week.  I still see this family once per week and consider them my real family. In that week I learned to appreciate the laid back attitude, helpfulness, and overall culture that Costa Rican’s exhibit. Not to mention the great food!

With these two visits always on my mind, I frequently wondered if it would really be possible to move to this country I was falling in love with. After some time it came together. Everything I was involved with in NY ended at the same time and I thought “It’s now or never!”

I decided to try it and anticipated it would be for at least a year.  I spend time with positive and happy people, no one seems to be stressed here. I’m within a few hours of the most beautiful beaches, parks, volcanoes, and a million hidden places like natural hot springs.  I am now starting my third year and I have never been happier!

By Kerry La

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