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Why Do People Keep Investing in Costa Rica Real Estate?

Costa Rica Real Estate – One of the many great attractions of Costa Rica is its affordable and thriving real estate market that continues to see a steady influx of foreign home buyers who are looking forward to living in a luxuriously exotic and fantastically safe tropical country.

costa rica real estateCosta Rica offers everything a buyer is looking for: it is politically and economically stable, has competitive real estate prices, has picturesque scenery and fantastic investment prospect. Furthermore, the locals are warm and friendly, have laid back attitude and lives the “pura vida” lifestyle that enables them to live a stress-free life.

It is no wonder why Costa Rica is always ranked as one of the happiest and healthiest country on earth  because aside from what I have already mentioned above, Costa Rica also offers all year-round of tropical climate that is divine for those who wants to escape the frigid cold of winter or searing heat of summer, it has modern cities just like in the US, it has marvelous Caribbean beaches and awesome Pacific coastline, it has lush valleys and verdant rain forests, it boasts of majestic mountains, and it prides itself of having splendid flora and fauna. To top that off, Costa Rica also has drinkable tap water, reliable public transportation system, inexpensive but top-notch health care and most of all the government does not tax foreign retirement income. These are the reasons why more than 50,000 US expats, mostly retirees, are living in Costa Rica and are experiencing a lifestyle that is not feasible in the mainland.

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Live Longer

Compared to all other Central American countries, Costa Rica has the highest standard of living.  

The country is blessed with an exquisite array of biodiversity and fascinating environmental attractions that are highly protected by the government and its citizenry. In fact, Costa Rican government declared ten percent of the country as protected national parkland, plus it is also a world leader when it comes to ecological sustainable development.

Also, since the country is developed to cater to all types of tourists, you will find yourself surrounded with never-ending activities and adventures, plenty of theaters to go to, visit numerous galleries, eat at fine dining restaurants that offer different types of cuisines and make use of modern telecommunications just like at home.

Besides its natural grandeur, fabulous lifestyle, interactive community and delightful amenities, Costa Rica offers a lower cost of living and a slower pace of life making it look appealing to a big number of American, Canadian and European retirees.

Popular Spots in Costa Rica

Although in entirety, Costa Rica is a safe bet in terms of real estate investment, there are some areas that are more popular namely: Tamarindo, Playa Langosta, Playa Grande, Drake Bay, Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, Montezuma, Puerto Viejo, and Nosara and Playa Guiones. Most of these areas are 30 to 60 minutes hour drive from larger and busier cities and tourist spots giving them a small-town appeal.

In these areas you can buy waterfront properties for just $100,000 or less. If condos are more appealing to you, there are ample beach condos you can choose from that are selling for less than $200,000 in locations that can rival the most popular beaches in the world. So stop contemplating or you will miss out on your chance to live an affordable luxury life in Costa Rica.   

Get Your Free Copy of “Secrets of Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica”

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