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Why Do People in Costa Rica Live So Long?

Costa Rica Living – Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica is well known for the longevity of its residents. It’s considered one of the five “blue-zones” of the world, that is where it’s likely to reach the age of 80 in good physical and mental health.

The specialists from the National Hospital of Geriatrics is in the first days of a study seeking to determine the characteristics of these and other national centenarians.

There are 626 Ticos over the age of 100.

One such person, Maria Norberta Marchena Diaz, is 102 years old. This Nicoyan had 12 children on her own. She prepared the water beforehand, removed the placenta, cut the umbilical cord and took care of herself and each newborn and today she is still going strong.

The study will take into account lifestyle, health, connections and spirituality.

It will also explore the subjects’ abilities to learn new things, function, and their strength and walking speed, among other details. The first results are expected to be ready by 2018.

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