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Why Costa Rica is Tops for a Retirement Destination

According to reports, the Central American country is a healthy and comfortable place for retirees.

costa rica retirement 1Two recent surveys put Costa Rica as the top option for a healthy and comfortable retirement, the Tico Times reported. It also ranked fourth in International Living’s 2016 list of Best Countries to Retire as well as in the magazine’s Healthy Lifestyle list.

International Living wrote that foreigners, such as retiree expats, have been heading to Costa Rica for decades because of the country’s “tradition of welcoming guests and a strong emphasis on family and community.” Costa Ricans, with their economy hugely based on tourism, readily welcome expats and tourists. Even in gated communities, foreigners have lots of chances to mingle with locals and learn their culture and traditions.

Healthier Diet and Lifestyle

According to a separate report from International Living, Costa Rica offers a healthier lifestyle to retirees. In countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua, plenty of fresh air and produce is on hand. Numerous expats attested that they shed 30 to 40 pounds in their first year of living in Costa Rica.

“We eat food with a lot less preservatives. The water doesn’t have fluoride in it. We walk a lot more and get more fresh air. It’s been great for our health,” said expat Rob Evans, as quoted by the publication. Evans said that he lost 50 pounds when he moved to the country’s Central Valley with his wife Jeni back in 2014.

Plenty of natural and healthy produce, like fresh fruits and vegetables, are accessible in Costa Rica. Retirees can also enjoy unfamiliar tropical fruits and vegetables, such as chayote (similar to squash), camote (a white sweet potato) and guanabana (a sweet fruit typically made into smoothies).

All towns in Costa Rica have a weekly feria or farmers’ market. With only $30 a week, a couple can purchase fresh food that’s affordable. Food items from the United States and Europe are being sold as well, but those usually cost more.

Aside from healthy produce, people in Costa Rica have access to a more active lifestyle thanks to the country’s tropical weather. Physical activities do not run out, such as taking a walk, hiking on the beach, mountain or jungle, and biking around town. Beach towns offer surfing and kayaking opportunities. Those with extra money to spend can pay affordable fees for personal trainers, yoga teachers and other fitness instructors.

By Ma. Elena, Latin Post

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