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Why Body Language Matters In Group Video Conferences

When it comes time to do any sort of conference presentation in life, you must consider all of the major parts of the presentation itself. Not only does the actual material and the point of the whole conference need to be on point, but when you start to consider the specifics of the message itself you also have to consider how the message is presented. This can be everything from the props and effects down to the type of speaker you choose to deliver the message. However, the most important thing to remember is body language, and the following will tell you why you have to keep body language as a top priority in a meeting.

Body Language Is A Type Of Language

video-conferencing-in-business-advantagesIf you have ever been able to communicate with others over time, you should be aware of how different sorts of body language are in themselves a form of communication. You can tell what someone is thinking simply or what they are actually saying simply by how they choose to present themselves. According to the Art of Eloquence, body language is not just an important part of communication but it also tells more of the full picture than just the words alone do. That is why when you are trying to implement video conferencing into your organization, you have to remember that while you might be speaking with your mouth, you could also be saying another message with how your body moves.

It Can Be An Asset

While many people will try their best to have others ignore them in large crowds and meetings, there is also a tremendous possibility to get ahead and be seen as an expert when it comes to any sort of group setting. Too many people will withdraw, get small, and will try to be overlooked in the hopes of not being embarrassed. However, when you think about the individuals who tend to rise to the top of the meeting, they are the ones who are fully involved with their bodies. That is why when you see the most successful people in a group video conference with BlueJeans, you will most likely be looking at the people who are using their full slate of movements and emotions to be seen by others instead of trying to stay small.  

It Shows Preparation

When you think about even the smallest of customs and the most minute of details, you can absolutely have some of the best impressions made or the worst. It will all depend on whether or not you follow through with what is seen as business and cultural norms instead of just acting like the opportunity to speak to others is unimportant. The key you will need to remember, according to Skill Studio, is that the majority of judgements come from what people look like instead of what they say. That means you need to take every opportunity right off of the bat to show that you are on the ball and that you understand how to take care of business.

It Can Give You Away

If you are practicing good body language, then you will get in the habit of doing good things. However, when you start to become lax in your general body language appearance you will notice that you are actually going to be at risk to give away your true feelings (or at least your poor ones). If you are conscious of what you are doing and you keep your mind on the current scenario, then you will come across as sharp and focused instead of a person who is looking to the side and only half-paying-attention or even yawning in the middle of a meeting. You can also do things like lean in, act surprised, and even exaggerate your smiles instead of appearing bored and uninterested.

You Can Use It To Your Advantage

There have been studies done that show people will have tells about who they like and who they are attracted to. This could be things like mimicking actions where if one party leans to one side, the person that they are talking to will follow suit and will also lean to that same side if they like the person. By understanding these skills, you can use them to your benefit and you will be able to do small tricks such as this to subliminally and subconsciously be able to get others to like you and your movements as well. However, it does all come down to body language and you do have to make sure you are familiar with how to do it.

Regardless of your thoughts on body language, you do need to be aware of why it is so important. That reason is because others find it so important, so you have to be able to impress them or at the very least you must keep from offending them.

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