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Why a Costa Rica Bachelor Party Over A Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Men are no longer limited when choosing a venue for bachelor parties. Back a few years you only had Las Vegas as the choice for a bachelor party, but now there are many places to explore and spend quality time with their buddies before getting tied down for good; Destination Bachelor Parties in places like Costa Rica are now becoming the norm instead of the exception.

costa rica bachelor party in jaco beachI am not saying that Las Vegas is no longer a great place to visit. But why go to Las Vegas and spend tons of money on a typical bachelor party where all you get to do is do some club hopping and party in tiny crowded spaces, throw your money away gambling and spend unpleasant nights in a hotel room for three short days when you can go to an exotic country and spend 7 wondrous days and nights doing fun activities for the same amount or even less than a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas.

If you really want to experience an unforgettable bachelor party, then stop hesitating and visit Costa Rica with your best pals. What is in store for you in Costa Rica? Well, just imagine living in ecstasy while staying in a magnificent villa that can house 10 people or so, and host a party that is even bigger than that. Your party will surely be a big hit since villas in Costa Rica usually come with private swimming pools, sizable living rooms and Latina women that cater to your every need….. and I mean every need.

After a night of rowdy and vigorous partying, you may want to spend some quality time with your friends doing outdoor activities which Las Vegas does not offer. In Costa Rica you will be surrounded by oceans, mountains and volcanoes, astonishing views and so much more. If you want a relaxing experience or if you are a nature lover you can always go bird-watching, go on natural park tours or maybe visit Arenal and Poas volcanoes.

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If you are more of an adventurer then you may want to try electrifying adventures like zip-lining where you get to speed past forest canopies and beautiful rain or cloud forest, go on ATV tours through the jungle or traverse unexplored parts of this tropical paradise. Not enough? Well you can always go on white water rafting where you can experience up to class IV rapids that can give you that adrenaline rush you crave.

On the other hand, if you are a water person and love the ocean there are still many activities you can enjoy with your friends. Since Costa Rica is surrounded by different bodies of water you can go surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, sport fishing and about any other water activity you can think of. You can lease a private party boat that has a mobile platform and an open bar that will surely put you and your friends in the mood while Latina women shake their tailfeathers and other parts of their bodies to the music. You can also rent a charter boat and go sport fishing with your friends and get a chance to hook some Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Snook and Wahoo which can be grilled up after a day on the water.

Then there are of course the beautiful Latina women that are there is make your trip very enjoyable. Instead of spending $1000 for a night with a woman in Las Vegas, you can get the exotic look that costs you a fortune in the USA for about a 1/10th of what you would be paying north of the border. It’s all pink on the inside so why not save a little dough and use it for other parts of your Bachelor Party in Costa Rica like tours and perhaps just another girl. They are easy to find you can head to the famous Del Rey Hotel in Costa Rica or if you are having a Jaco Beach Bachelor Party just head over to the Hotel Cocal where every night of the week there is a buffet of women around the pool to choose from.

When it comes to a Costa Rica Bachelor Party, it will be a trip that you and the boys will always remember. Isn’t that the point of a bachelor party? One last trip into extacy before the life of imprisonment called marriage.

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