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Why a Bachelor Party in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica? (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – More and more guys are no longer choosing Las Vegas as the destination for a last hurrah before marriage.  Costa Rica has everything that Las Vegas has to offer and so much more.

costa rica ticasLocated just a short flight from the USA, Costa Rica is a perfect option for a bachelor party.  You have the Las Vegas entertainment such as casinos, strip clubs, prostitution, and night clubs at a fraction of the price.

Your dollars will stretch much further so you can spend it on adventure tours (zip lines, ATVs, surfing, and so much more), sport fishing, and golf along the Pacific Ocean.

Why spend 1000’s of dollars in Vegas when you can have a REAL vacation in Costa Rica?

Experience sport fishing with a charter from the Los Suenos marina, party in the world famous beatle bar in Jaco, go surfing in the Pacific Ocean or just head to the Hotel Cocal and choose a girl for the night or weekend.

The video below that was put together by Costa Rica Guy’s Trip (Bachelor Party Planners) summarizes why you should head south to celebrate your friend’s bachelor party.

Have a trip you will always remember not just a drunken orgy in Vegas……. Get Your Free Guy’s Guide to Costa Rica below the video.

Free Costa Rica Guide for Guy’s Trips and Bachelor Parties Click Here

If you are interested in having your own Costa Rica Guys Trip or Bachelor Party in Costa Rica, get your free E-Book to help you plan your get away.  

Content Includes:

Where to pick up Costa Rican Women & Nighttime Company

Recommended Golf Courses

Guy’s Tours Out of San Jose & Jaco

Gringo Friendly Bars & Clubs

Cigar Bars & Much More…….

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