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Why a Bachelor Party in Costa Rica During “Green” Season”?

Costa Rica Travel News – Bachelor parties have always had a bad reputation. It is always associated with drinking, gambling, drugs and debauchery – a wild night where everything goes and is considered by most a socially acceptable chance to stray. It is important for women to understand that a bachelor party is a passage ritual that a guy must undergo to blow off steam pre-wedding and for him to reassure his buddies that he is still “one of the guys” even though he is making a commitment to you through marriage.

The traditional bachelor party though has changed with time. Rather than the stereotypical evening of strippers and drugs many men today are going for other types of parties; yes it is true that there will still be alcohol and gambling but grooms are now more inclined to spend more quality time with their buddies and less in spending money on doing crazy things for just a night or two. Bachelor parties that are popular nowadays include taking a weekend or a few days trip with the guys and spend it doing outdoorsy activities like white-water rafting and sport fishing.

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bachelor party costa rica jacoBecause Costa Rica offers both, traditional and new-age type of bachelor party, it has become a popular destination spot for grooms and their well-wishers. During the “Green Season” which means it only rains for about an hour in the afternoon and sunny most part of the day and runs from May to mid-December, a lot of great bargains are in store for you.

Since the number of tourists travelling to Costa Rica is less during the “Green Season” more hotel accommodations are available to you and your buddies. Hotels drop their rates dramatically and you can get 30 to 50% off your accommodations during your stay during these months.For example a 3 bedroom condo at the Vista Mar condos overlooking the infamous Hotel Cocal in Jaco for only $300 a night and the rate during high season is near $500 a night.  Or a 4 bedroom house at the south end of Jaco with a private pool overlooking the ocean for only $350 a night as opposed to $600 a night during peak season. 

Another great advantage of celebrating your bachelor party during the Green Season is that you do not have to compete with a crowd. From June to July tourists travel to Costa Rica to have great summer vacation but the rest of the Green Seasons sees an interlude. This means you get to Zip line through the forest canopy of surf in the beach as if you own the place.

If you are worried that your adventure will be fettered by rain, do not be because mornings are sunny and bright and it only rains for about an hour in the afternoon so you should still be able to enjoy clear skies by sunset. In saying so you will certainly have a lot of time to hit the beach, go mountain trekking or go on ATV tours and experience all that Costa Rica has to offer.

When in Costa Rica do not miss out on adrenaline-boosting river rafting.  This activity is best done during the Green Season when it rains because the water is stirred and you will get to experience the biggest and most furious rapids. Only an hour from Jaco are some of the best rivers so you can raft during the day and be back in time to meet your girl of the evening that night. 

Stop hesitating and make your bachelor party plans as early as now and book during the Green Season to get the best bachelor party ever – remember this is a once in a lifetime event for the groom so make it count!

Free Costa Rica Guide for Guy’s Trips and Bachelor Parties Click Here

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