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Who Is Ready for Yoga in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Yoga is huge just about everywhere now but especially in Costa Rica. The tradition has been around for a long time but in recent years has gained significant momentum and even investment.

Yoga tourism has become popular in the country, with everything from yoga camps to high end yoga resorts. These retreats leave one happier, more fulfilled, and in better shape physically, mentally and spiritually.

All of the main towns in the country have at least one, if not many more, yoga schools offering classes on flexible schedules and for all ages and budgets. Some parks even offer free classes.

Try yoga once and you’ll be hooked. You’ll be going to classes often and really get into the lifestyle. You’ll soon realize you need adequate clothing. Yoga pants come in many styles but one of the best options for Costa Rica are sloth themed Yoga pants.

Take a look at them online at the link below.

Costa Rica Sloth Yoga Pants

These “Sloth Is My Middle Name Flexi Yoga Pants” are ideal for everything from traditional yoga to hot yoga, SUP yoga and even other workouts like jogging, surfing and dancing.

These flexi pants are just $79.00 and worth every penny. They are very comfy, with 4-way stretch, lightweight and quick-dry.

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